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September 2019 - New Beginnings

September marks a time for change. The summer is trying to cling on to its final days, before the crispy Autumn leaves begin to form on the trees. The kids have gone back to school; some have even taken their first steps through the school gates. It's a season of letting go, and trying new things. It is a month of beginnings. So! Let's see what we've been up to....!

Personalised Gifts are definitely becoming a firm favourite for that one-off milestone event. Birthdays, a new arrival and even as a farewell gift to a loved colleague. If you want it, we've pretty much got it! Unicorns, teddy bears, dinosaurs....small T-Shirts to add to your own gift idea. His & Hers wedding bears are most definitely one to look out for!

We take personalised gifts very seriously! So much so that our beloved embroidery extroadinaire, and occassional hero Alex has had the joy of being gifted his very own 'Alex the Lion' to remember us by. What else could possibly aide you in your dream to conquer the art & sculpture world! That's right, nothing. Get yourself a Lion to add to your beloved gifts.;

Alex Lion

With the new season approaching our orders for leaflets, banners, wedding stationary and more have been leaving our warehouse like wild fire.

Roller banners have been a particular favourite this month for presentation events and trade shows. They are a definite statement piece, that give your business a definite edge at standing out. Leaflets have also been a go to marketing tool; giving businesses a wide audience field to capture their ideal customer, they are definitely currenlty winning in the stationary department for all of us here at A1.

In case you didn't know, we offer a bespoke design service where we can tailor your ideas into a final product. If you are going to use pictures of or to support your business' image or brand, we do ask that you send images to us in the highest resolution posible. This gives you the best clarity and sharpest images to wow your target audience.

Sports Leaders jackets, polos and T-Shirts have been a popular favourite too amongst schools this season. The general idea is to raise up leaders to help with the smooth running of the PE programmes within schools, as well as supporting the delivery of whole school and inter-house sporting events with the help of the pupils themselves.

Customising sportswear is a simple way of letting you and other participants stand out from the crowdl Whether it be your team logo, your personal player number or even your name, it is an effective way of showing your individualism and at the same time, showing off who you are within your team. Custom BMX rider tops are also a popular item for the A1 Print & Stitch production team.

OSM Sports Crew


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