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June 2019 - Styling & Branding of Charities

Welcome to A1 Print & Stitch's very first blog post!

This last month has seen a huge rise in embroidery, screen print and heat press work for our clients. This has ranged from corporate branding to custom one-off's for fabulous hen do's. We have created some eye-catching threads for local charities, such as See The Future and The Baton - both are based here, locally in our home town of Honiton, East Devon.

See The Future is a vision awareness charity, which aims to raise awareness for the importance of having regular eye tests, so that potential threats of disease and illness can be picked up quickly and effectively. This may be prior to you even knowing that you have symptoms already playing out behind the scenes; this could be anything from undiagnosed cancers, diabetes, strokes, glaucoma, and macular degeneration to name a few.

The Baton is 'a symbol of national conscience' - a charity raising awareness for those affected by serving in the armed forces, and equally by those affected by their loved ones serving in the forces. The aim is to leave no man or woman behind in their time of need; to bring people back from their aloneness, their feelings of seperation and general needs of support; to keep the armed forces in the national consciousness.

Our aim this month is to bring a focus on to what matters.

A focus on showing our support to those that need lifting up, and to place a spotlight on to those that need to be seen.

In terms of what we are offering our customers, we have recently expanded what we can supply to you. As well as the stickers, banners and the garment printing and embroidery we have always offered, we can now supply leaflets, business cards, posters and various other printed materials! These are at the highest printed quality and come in a variety of forms to showcase and market the best of what you can offer to your customers.

In terms of designing your new printed materials, we can assist to tailor to your requirements using logo designs you may already have set-up, or creating what you want to put out to the world as your brand right here from our design office. We have just experimented with creating our own leaflets too, and they sure were pretty! We can obviously provide non-pretty too, if that's what you're going for!

Our hope for our clients current and future, is that we can create and produce the highest quality of garments and printed materials to provide eye-catching pieces for all of your future customers to notice how great you are, and to invest in what you have to offer too!


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