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October 2019 - Autumn is in the Air

With Brexit looming, many businesses seem to be waiting on an apolcalyptic end to what we have known before! Fortunately, uniform, workwear, leaflets, business cards, novelty prints etc will remain in vogue! Embroidery too will seemingly never go out of fashion, and will endure for bringing you distinctive designs for your project. Things are certainly not slowing down here at A1.

Customised workwear is firmly in demand. Providing unity for a workforce, schools, event wear...it will never lose its ability to create a strong sense of branding and team. Providing a straight to the point visible sign to the public, and potential clients; your businesses emblem will straight away provide an association to your captive audience to whom you work for and with.

We often have new, well establised, independent, commercial, (to name a few!) businesses coming through our doors to see what is current and worth investing in. We offer a huge variety of garments, which can be customised to your specification. Everything from aprons, to baseball caps, T-Shirts, corporate workwear to schoolwear, jeans and running leggings! You can even order them as they are, with no customisation from us!

Got a logo already? Send it our way! Need something designed? Get in touch, and see what we can create with you.

Higher HolcombeGoonvean Fibres

Schoolwear will forever be in high demand too. Parents, carers and schools alike can order directly from us, either via our school shops that are available to publicly access on our website: https://www.a1printandstitch.co.uk/online-shop/schools or for schools, directly via email, phone or online enquiry.

It has always been our aim to ensure that we are as flexible as possible to all of our customers; so we offer a selection of local schools unform that you can purchase straight from our showroom! Although, we would recommend buying from our online shop to guarantee the 5% cashback that we offer to our online school shop participants. This is to aid local school fundraising, so it really is worth doing!

Embroidery will always remain a firm favourite due to the complexity and colour variation that it can offer. We can match pantone colours to your logo or text that you require to give you the neatest and most professional looking embroidery.

Here at A1, we always endeavor to give you the best experience when it comes to producing your desired customisation. So in light of this, we always run a sample first for new customers to ensure that we are creating the sharpest design - we encourage you, the customer, to come and see the samples once they are run to give you the fullest picture before we proceed with customising your garments.


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